Guelph Celtic Orchestra


The Guelph Celtic Orchestra was founded in 2011 by Joanne McAuley and Fiona McCairley (founding Music Director)

First Fiddle

Joyce Anderson, Sadie Campbell, Charlotte Clare, Sarah Dermer, Hannah Reilly Jackson, Jasmine Martyniuk, Mika McCairley-Greenwell, Ailsa McCairley-Greenwell, Ellen Woodley

Second Fiddle

Lois Booth, Steve Gautreau, Doug Hilborn, Gerald Martyniuk, Sarah Wheeler, Beth Ellens


Don Campbell, Dan Schneider, Tom Wood


Robin McKay, Victoria Socha, Brad Gresham


Lois Cherry

Mika McCairley-Greenwell


Ailsa McCairley-Greenwell

Mika McCairley-Greenwell

Charlotte Clare

The  Board of Trustees include:

Helen McCairley/Karen Campbell (Public Relations)

Doug Hilborn (Personnel)

Fiona McCairley (Music Director)

Robin McKay (Treasurer)

Steve Gautreau (Anything to do with computers)